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      The Law Society of PEI is responsible for governance and regulation of the legal profession in the public interest. We’re here to provide information to current and potential lawyers, and also to act as a legal resource for the general public.?

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      • Federation of Law Societies Publishes Guidance on the Implition of the Russia/Belarus Sanctions for Legal Professionals April 24, 2022In recent weeks the nadian government has enacted a number of sanctions against individuals and entities in Russia and Belarus in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Members of the FLSC Policy Counsel Counterpart Group – a group of senior law society policy counsel and managers – have developed guidance on the implition of the sanctions for legal professionals. 

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      • 2021 Queen's Counsel Appointments December 14, 2021Ruth M. DeMone and D. Shannon Farrell are the most recent recipients of the highest honour in the field of law.

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      Regulating the practice of law on Prince Edward Island since 1876.